The Grind [Marketing]

Understanding Digital


Brand Identity

Having a brand identity includes the visible elements of your brand. This can include your logo, your colour pallet and the overall look and feel that helps identify your brand to your clients.


Web Development

Web development refers to what needs to be done in order to create a website that your customers and clients can find on the internet. Websites can be single sttic landing pages, or complex, multi-pages – whatever your



User experience (UX) refers to the study of learning what end-users (your clients) need and want, then ensuring that those insights are used to enhance your producats or services.


Social Media

The best way to interact with your customers (and target audience) is through the power of social media. A huge advantage of social media is that you are able to interact and share information in real-time.

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We want to ensure that your brand identity is communicated to your customers and clients in the best way possible. This means that going in, we want to know your business, know your goals, and ultimately, get the gist of what it is that you would like out of our collaboration.